1. The Inspiration

Unfortunately, I can not remember how I found this site originally but I do know I can not go a day without visiting it. This site is normally my #1 in the morning after getting settled in, they post all types of media from photography, videos, fashion, architecture, design and advertising. I’ve found some great sources for inspiration on this site - items that I’ve shown to everyone, even my parents. They recently added online ads to the site which was a bit of a letdown and eye sore for me but if there is something worth seeing on the internet I normally see it here first. This site serves as an excellent access point to curated media from around the world.

2. Websites We Love

Second on my list of go-to inspiration is, Websites We Love done by Designspiration - this site is amazing for web designers. Featuring sites I would never have come across, would never have imagined and wouldn’t have thought could be done. This site is a real inspiration source because it inspires me to create better websites and to hopefully have work featured on it. Love this site, and I hope you will too!

3. Designspiration

If you’re a designer or creative person and haven’t checked out designspiration yet I would find that hard to believe. This site was, I think, the very first site I came across for sources of inspiration. The search function works great - I like how you can start typing on load and you’re searching - very intuitive. This site really has everything you could be looking for, the related colour palette piece is also a great function. All-in-all designspiration is still one of my go-to’s - be careful you don’t get looped in.

4. Instagram

Nothing provides me with a 24/7 source of inspiration like Instagram does. You might think that it is only images, or only socially driven - yes it is, but there’s also so much more. From magazine covers, photo shoots, unheard of travel destinations, fellow graphic designers, creative brands, recipes, and plenty more. Instagram allows everyone with an instant means of creative output. Check out my must follow Instagram accounts and if you haven’t done so already you can follow me.

5. Pinterest.com

This might be the least surprising website on my list, I’ve not met or talked to a fellow designer who hasn’t used it. With that being said I remember when I thought Pinterest was for crafters, mums or foodies. Turns out, I’m a big fan of Pinterest and yes I also use it because I’m a foodie and have done some crafting myself. Pinterest has become one of my biggest influences and sources for design. It has one of the best functioning searches available, the site is an ease to use and is actually endless. Pinterest has helped me with mood boards, concept photography, planning vacations, DIY projects and in becoming a better designer. It doesn’t help that Pinterest is fun and enjoyable to browse in your free time! If you don’t already and would like to, feel free to follow me on Pinterest!